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Academic 2020

Helen Devia Faradilla SGlobal Young Scientist Challenge 2020 Edition1st PlaceUdokirami (udon kimpul porang mi) Indonesia's noodle product made from kimpul tubers and porang tubers to promote wealth resources in Asia18/12/2020
Resti Oktaviarni & Ilham Maulana DandiInternational Science and Invention Fair (ISIF)1st PlaceA Wound Gauze Made From Tarantula Egg Nests With A Typical Indonesian Batik Design07/11/2020
Ella Silvia Dewi & Zalifatul HusnaManagement Days 2020 Wijaya Kusuma University Surabaya1st PlaceAn Innovative Sociopreneur in Indonesia's Wealthiness11/03/2020
Arif Fadhilla, Syafira Marwa, & Abdul HafizSEC Business Competition1st PlaceBMC Contest01/11/2020
Shafa Abid Istihsan, Helen Devia Faradilla S., & Janani Budi DaffaMarketing Plan Competition Today's Marketing 2020 By IMA Sc UNDIP1st PlaceMarketing Plan Competition06/11/2020
Anisa Nur ApriliyantiPOLITE 20201st PlaceScreams of Fighting Women24/10/2020
Nizam ZulfanuddinThe IVth National Student Scientific Meeting (TELMINAS).1st PlaceHuman Rights Literacy for Servants of the State11/10/2020
Lazuardi Hadinata & Resti OktaviarniLKTIN SCARCE Hima Sociologi UM1st PlaceMADITO (Malang Digital Tourism) - Malang City Tourism Marketing digital innovation as an effort to stimulate the penta helix-based economy in the new normal order08/11/2020
Rania Sekar MelatiArchive Competition 20201st PlaceArchives as Memory of the Nation22/08/2020
Rafine Gilang SatriyaUNRAM Tax Essay Competition 20202nd PlaceGrasshoppers eat tempeh07/11/2020
Aminaturrokhiyah & Yudha Wahyu RisdiyansahThe IVth National Student Scientific Meeting (TELMINAS).2nd PlaceE-GLAMOUR: Website-Based Glam in the Development of Local Culture in Malang City30/11/2020
Yuliya Rachma DewiUNRAM Tax Essay Competition 20202nd PlaceTax Policy Strategy in an Effort to Achieve the 2020-2024 RPJMN07/11/2020
Kaniya Pratnya ParamitaUNRAM Tax Essay Competition 20202nd PlaceStrategy for Optimizing Foreign Direct Investment Revenue Through the Implementation of Joining Tax Competition for the Realization of the 2020-2024 RPJMN07/11/2020
Oktaviarni RestiLKTIA UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim2nd PlaceApplication-based Takhfif medicine murrotal al-quran as an alternative solution to pain inhibition in the process of pregnancy to postpartum18/11/2020
Lutfi Roal BarkahCreative Video for the Launching of the East Java Study Center2nd PlaceTechnology-Based Mitigation Building Based on Local Wisdom13/11/2020
Ilham Maulana Dandi, Helen Devia Faradilla S, Yudha Wahyu Risdiyansah, Lazuardi Hadinata, Novia Putri Wardani, & Dhenindra BagaskaraGlobal Youth Scientist Challenge2nd PlaceHelpU (Inner Health Support): Optimization Efforts Mindfulness Therapy with Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Provide Mild Mental Illness either Preventive and Cognitive during Pandemic with an Assessment Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE)16/12/2020
Cut Bilqis Putri Afla, Firliananda Cahya Meivita & Viendi Amelia PutriThe IVth National Scientific Meeting (Telminas).2nd PlaceCreate and Innovate from home30/11/2020