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Master Fight Organization of Sport (MAFIOSO)

Students and Alumni

Master Fight Organization of Sport (MAFIOSO)

Starting from the desire to form an organizational forum that houses female students in channeling their talent interests in the field of sports, precisely on June 24 2008 an organization called MAFIOSO (Master Fight Organization of Sport) was formed on the basis of advancing the field of sports at the level of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. and accommodate the talents of FIA UB students in the field of sports so that it deserves to be appreciated in the form of an organization.

MAFIOSO is an autonomous or independent institution that coordinates with BEM, MPM, DPM and other institutions within and outside the FIA. Mafioso consists of several ministries, namely the Ministry of Institutions and the Ministry of Sports. In the institutional Ministry there are several divisions, namely the Public Relations division, the Business Fund division and the Household division (Organizational Resource Development). Meanwhile, in the Ministry of Sports, there are several sports, namely Basketball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Badminton, and Volleyball.

In MAFIOSO management, not only an athlete can become a MAFIOSO administrator, but all FIA STUDENTS can also participate in MAFIOSO management. Because in the management of MAFIOSO, not only athletes, but people who have the desire to learn to organize and have competence in the organization can join the management of MAFIOSO.

MAFIOSO Secretariat
UKM A Building, Jalan Mandalawangi No 9, Lowokwaru Malang