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MBKM Faculty of Administrative Sciences


Students and Alumni
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Announcement of the Opening of MBKM

The following is the Extension of Student Registration for MBKM Semeru Universitas Brawijaya Even Academic Year 2021/2022, batch 2 with extended registration starting from January 17-29 2023, according to the information on the banner.

The Merdeka Learning Guidebook for Merdeka Campus, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya for the 2022/2023 Academic Year can be downloaded below.

MBK Information

Information Center MBKM FIA UB 2023 :

Public Administration
  • M. Rizky Pratama (0822-3387-3645)
  • Suhartono Winoto (0852-3029-8323)
Library Science

Bayu Amengku Praja (0811-893-347)

Education administration

Rispa Ngindana (0812-3465-0163)

Business Administration
  • Irfan Kharisma Putra (0877-5566-1337)
  • Hanifa Maulani Ramadhan (0857-5594-0347)

Nurlita Sukma Alfandia (0857-3175-4585)

Tourism Business Feasibility Studies

Sukmawati Nur Salamah (0857-0111-1065)

Data Collection Department of Public Administration

Riris Mahmudah Utami (0823-3101-8665)

Data Collection Department of Business Administration

Anisah (0821-4181-4225

MBKM website
To get information on Merdeka Learning on the Merdeka Campus, you can access the MBKM FIA website