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Administration Choir (AC)

Students and Alumni

Administration Choir (AC)

Administratio Choir is one of the Autonomous Institutions Faculty (LOF) at FIA which accommodates students' interests in the field of vocals, especially choirs.

The main task of the Administratio Choir is to fill in at graduation events at the Faculty as well as at official Faculty events such as professor inauguration, graduations, and so on. One of the work programs that the Administratio Choir always participates in every year is the Choir Competition. Almost every year the Administratio Choir always sends its best delegates to organize the competition, both at national and international levels. Two years ago, since the COVID-19 pandemic, the Administratio Choir has also continued to send its delegations to online competitions in the form of Virtual Choirs.
Administratio Choir's latest achievement won 2nd Place With Instrumental Category And 3rd Place A Capella Category in the Busan Choral Festival and Competition.

Administratio Choir hopes that this year and the years to come will always be able to make achievements that not only make the name of the organization proud, but also the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya

2nd Place With Instrumental Category and 3rd Place A Capella Category in the Busan Choral Festival and Competition which were successfully obtained by Administratio Choir
Building D Krida Student Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Brawijaya Jalan MT Haryono No. 163, Malang 65145