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Master of Higher Education Management (MMPT) / Master of Higher Education (MHE) Study Program

Profile of The Faculty of Administrative Sciences


The Masters Program in Higher Education Management (MMPT) is Universitas Brawijaya's answer to the challenges of the speed of the dynamics of society's development as well as the demands for effectiveness and efficiency in the management of Higher Education in Indonesia. 

This program is designed to prepare teaching staff in tertiary institutions who are professional and of superior quality in the field of higher education management who are responsive to the demands of a dynamic and changing environment, both at the local, regional, national and international levels.

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Accreditation (A) BAN PT. in the Masters of Management Study Program in Higher Education obtained from academic staff with competence according to their fields, and a curriculum designed according to the needs and development of science. Adequate academic and non-academic facility support is an added advantage of this program.

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Work prospect

The Master of Higher Education Management offers varied career paths in the world of education in executive secondary positions. The various job prospects include opportunities for mid-level executives as: