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Research Study Club (RSC)

Students and Alumni

Research Study Club (RSC)

RSC is one of the faculty autonomous institutions in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Brawijaya Malang which is engaged in research and writing. RSC has a vision that is tthe creation of responsible academics, servants, and creators. While the mission is to develop intellectuality and scholarship in the student environment. RSC was founded on 14 February 1992 to become an organization that provides a forum for its members to develop skills and knowledge in the field of writing and research and has made various achievements at the national to international levels.

To achieve its vision and mission, RSC has several excellent work programs as follows:
1. GELASI (National Essay Competition and Seminar Festival)
2. SAMBA (Welcome New Years) 
3. Training of Young Members 
4. Mission 
5. Catalyst talk
6. Talk about the Great Library
7. PKM class

Instagram: rscfiaub
Facebook: RSC FIA UB
YouTube : RSC FIA UB
Twitter : rscfiaub

Joint Secretariat Building D Floor 1, Jalan MT. Haryono No. 165, Malang City. tel. 085895476274