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Administration Music Club (AMC)

Students and Alumni

Administration Music Club (AMC)

Administration Music Club (AMC) FIA UB is a Faculty Autonomous Institution that accommodates students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya in developing their talents in the field of music and the field of Event Organizer (EO) so that they can produce talented and qualified musicians. Under the Community Resource Development Division, there are 2 sub-divisions, namely the Player sub-division and the EO sub-division. 


Creating and developing academic people who have the knowledge, skills, creativity  in music and organizing music events education-minded by upholding the values of education, truth and justice that can be accounted for to God Almighty and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.



  1. Making the name of AMC and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences Universitas Brawijaya proud with achievements inside and outside the University of Brawijaya.
  2. Organizing music eventstake off on the Tri Dharma of Higher Education and Pancasila.
Jl. MT. Haryono No. 163, Ketawanggede, Kec. Lowokwaru, Malang City, East Java 65145. AMC Studio, Achievement Hall of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Brawijaya.