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Doctoral Program of Administrative Science


Since it was first opened in 2001, the Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya has graduated more than 200 doctors.

Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences FIA UB is fully committed to preparing graduates of master programs from various disciplines to become doctors who have reliable theoretical knowledge, in-depth research skills and adequate academic communication skills in the field of public and business administration.

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Experience in organizing and managing doctoral programs for more than 10 years, qualified academic staff, skilled and friendly educational staff, as well as educational programs that are carefully designed, curricula that are always redesigned according to the needs and developments of science and support for academic and non-academic facilities Adequate academic qualifications are the hallmarks of this program.

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Work prospect

The Doctoral Program in Administrative Sciences is designed to prepare graduates to occupy high executive positions in business or government organizations as well as to become lecturers up to entrepreneur success, educator, and researcher in the field of public administration and business.