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PSIK Faculty of Administrative Sciences



The Center for Information Systems, Information Technology Infrastructure and Public Relations (PSIK) of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is the manager of information technology systems infrastructure at the Faculty level. PSIK has the task of providing information and communication technology services which include: 1. Publication and public relations, including: a. Planning and designing the publication of Faculty of Administrative Science; b. Managing the official website of the faculty of administration science in Indonesia and English; c. Updating the data and information about the activities of the Faculty of Science Administration; d. Providing and helping lecturers and staff with online publications; e. Coordinating with UB information and documentation officials management 2. Data collection and information systems, including: a. Assist and provide support for other units within the Faculty of Administrative Sciences that require information technology assistance; b. Manage faculty digital archives; c. Together with UPT ICT UB, it provides socialization of UB's information and communication technology services; d. Coordinate with other internal units in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences to prepare data reporting at the UB level; e. Together with UPT ITIK UB, it provides periodic information technology training for UB's human resources, lecturers, education staff, and students. 3. Infrastructure, including: a. Managing the ICT infrastructure of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences by following the management standards and quality policies of UB's information and communication technology infrastructure; b. Ensuring the availability of access to information technology services for UB academics; c. Coordinate the development and application of information technology services with UPT ICT UB; d. Coordinating the implementation of infrastructure maintenance and technical support with UPT ICT UB; e. Compile infrastructure documentation and information technology services for the faculty of administrative sciences; f. Carry out monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of information technology; g. Prepare and submit periodic reports on the development and application of information technology to UPT ICT UB. 4. Handling complaints, including:

a. Provide a complaint-specific email using UB's official email; 

b. Checking special email complaints at any time and submitting these complaints to superiors for follow-up; 

c. Sending responses or complaints improvement plans to information and documentation management officials;

 d. Include the cause/root of the problem, solution plan, and completion time for each response or complaint improvement plan; 

e. Documenting complaints.

Jl. MT. Haryono, Ketawanggede, Kec. Lowokwaru, Malang City, East Java 65145