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Entrepreneurship & Innovation Laboratory


Entrepreneurship & Innovation Laboratory (Ei Lab)

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Laboratory (Entrepreneurship & Innovation Lab) which is abbreviated as Ei Lab is a laboratory under the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University. This laboratory has a scope of work in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation both for internal academics, namely students and lecturers, as well as stakeholders external, be it the private or public sector. The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab was founded in 2011 by the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. At the beginning of the establishment of this lab is to understand about entrepreneurial activities (Entrepreneurial Activity) deeper.

In addition, in line with the development of the world of business and business education today. The Entrepreneurship Lab has two missions: first, to help students to understand in-depth knowledge about entrepreneurial activities, and second, to contribute directly to the development of knowledge, practice, and participation in entrepreneurial activities at the outside community level, both nationally and internationally. Therefore, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab is a place for observing the science of entrepreneurship and for direct practice accompanied by experienced mentors, academics, and practitioners. Therefore, the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Lab is not only a place for observing the science of entrepreneurship, but also a place for direct practice accompanied by experienced mentors, both academics and practitioners. 

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1.  Ei Consultation Program : Consultation activities for Business Administration students include Consultation on Design Thinking, BMC, business competitions, and career paths.

2. Ei Executive Class : A regular monthly class arranged by KM to implement the modules that have been made for the later development of technical and soft skills.

3. CRAYON (Creativepreneur Local Youth Innovation) : Local MSME empowerment program by providing mentoring and consulting programs to overcome business problems experienced by business people. 

4. Startup Actions (BSA): Startup Action (BSA): The first and biggest accelerator and startup competition at Universitas Brawijaya with various participants from all universities in Indonesia.


Some of the facilities offered in this laboratory include internet access (WIFI) and computers. The Faculty of Administrative Sciences has also built and developed its internet network to speed up and expedite its internet connection.

In addition, this laboratory also provides 25 iMacs, LCD projectors, and two laser printers. Other supporting facilities offered in the form of air conditioning, tables and chairs, a sound system, and even a musical instrument in the form of a piano keyboard can be used by students or lecturers.