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Library and Archive Laboratory


Library and Archive Laboratory

The Library & Archives Laboratory has the following objectives:
1. Provision and management of library materials for lecturers
and students;
2. Utilization of library services for lecturers and students;
3. Maintenance and preservation of library materials for lecturers
and students;
4. Coordination, evaluation, and connection of library materials for lecturers
and students.

The Library and Archives Laboratory also has a supporting
infrastructure called the Reading Room (Fadel Muhammad Resource Center).
Fadel Muhammad Resource Center (FMRC) is a learning resource center and a knowledge infrastructure at FIA UB, which consists of information, recreation, education, and cultural components that support the fulfillment of community needs. FMRC provides all resources (human resources, collections), facilities, services, and programs to support all community needs. FMRC has the main task of developing and servicing library material collections for FIA UB academics. FMRC function as follows:
1. Provision and management of collections of library materials;
2. Utilization of library material collection services;
3. Maintenance and preservation of collections of library materials;
4. Monitoring and Evaluation of collections of library materials.
FMRC services include:
1. Administrative Services, related to receipt of softcopy and hardcopy final assignments
(internship reports, theses, theses, and dissertations).
2. Membership Services related to the provision of membership services for FIA UB
members. The membership service aims to take advantage
to be able to take advantage of collections in FMRC.
3. Reference Services, relating to assisting library users in finding information by
answering questions using
answer questions using reference collections, as well
provide guidance on finding and using collections
4. Scientific Information Search Services, related to activities
services in the form of providing fast information retrieval services
and or guidance on the use of information sources. this service
provide assistance to the academic community of FIA UB and
other people who need information.

 5. User Guidance, is an activity that intends
provide a guide, an explanation of the use of the library
to a new group of library users. 

6. Media and Public Relations, is an activity that aims to
documentation, publication of FMRC activities, services and programs as well
produce products in the form of information repackaging such as infographics,
reviews and articles. 

7. Photocopy Service, is a service in the form of gift
quick information retrieval services and or usage guidance
resources. This service provides assistance to civil society
FIA UB academics and other people in need

Jl. MT. Haryono, Ketawanggede, Kec. Lowokwaru, Malang City, East Java 65145