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Representing Interests of Academic Civitas Talents, PSIK FIA UB Holds Photography Competition and Workshop

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The increasing trend of photography, supported by the rapid development of cellphones which support photography easily, Information and Public Relations System Manager (PSIK) of FIA UB held a Photography Contest with the theme "All about FIA" in the framework of the 57th Anniversary of FIA UB 2017. As the highlight event For the event, a Photography Workshop was held "Produce Quality Photos with Mobile Phones" by inviting all elements of student sovereignty institutions at FIA UB, Thursday (12/10). The three main winners get cash plus the publication of their work in the 2018 FIA UB Calendar.

As the speaker in the Workshop was Photo Editor of Radar Malang M Paem Doli G Siregar. The presence of Doli, who is also a senior photographer, is expected to improve the photography skills of the FIA UB academic community who are present at the event. "It could be that the photos produced by netizens also comply with the standards we apply for publication," said Doli Siregar adding the importance of getting quality photos.

M Paem Doli G Siregar (right) giving material about photography accompanied by Deputy of Public Relations of PSIK FIA UB Aulia Luqman Aziz (left)

Doli thinks that netizens also has an indirect role in the world of the press through the process of capturing the moments that are around, and then sharing them on social media. So existence netizens who have good photography skills are also needed.

Meanwhile, the first winner in the Photography Competition was won by Salwa Maharlika. While Winners II and III respectively won by Shania Brenna Simamora and Ahmad Wahyu Kurniawan.

The winners of the Photography Contest with Deputy Dean II Drs Heru Susilo MA (center)

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