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Community Empowerment in Jati Pelem Village Towards a Creative Village

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Creative Village is considered necessary to create a better economic situation for development in an area. However, some Human Resources in rural areas do not yet have this knowledge. It was in this case that the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) held Community Empowerment, one of which was in Jati Pelem Village, Jombang Regency.

"We see that the lack of support from third parties in realizing creative villages is also a problem. Apart from that, there is still a lack of concern for the village youth for the development of their area that needs attention, "explained the head of the Community Empowerment team, Dr. Drs. Wilopo, MAB

Community Empowerment Participants

The solutions offered include HR in the village will be given socialization and training regarding the concept of the Creative Village, until it is held share and care to formulate the direction of village development from the perspective of young people.

"Because actually the main key to realizing a creative village is the support of the village youth," added Wilopo.

The program, he added, is the best solution in assisting the village. Later it is hoped that the Creative Village in Jati Palem can be based on information technology in order to accelerate development in Jombang Regency

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