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Talk show on Business Opportunities and Challenges in the Tax Amnesty Era

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Along with the holding of the X-Fest series, FIA UB also held a Talk Show "Business Opportunities and Challenges in the Tax Amnesty Era", Thursday (27/8). The event which was held in collaboration with FIA UB with the Indonesian Marketing Association (IMA) Malang Chapter and BNI was held in UB's Widyaloka Building. For approximately two hours, the majority of participants who were entrepreneurs in the Greater Malang area listened to the material presented by two speakers, namely the Chairperson of the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association (APPBI) as well as the Main Director of the Pakuwon Group Stefanus Ridwan and Market Analyst Ellen May. 

Sekretaris Jurusan Administrasi Bisnis Mohammad Iqbal bertindak sebagai Moderator
Secretary of the Department of Business Administration, Mohammad Iqbal, acts as Moderator

The two sources appreciated the government's move to initiate this Tax Amnesty program. With the ease of tax amnesty from the government, it is hoped that more and more domestic and foreign investors will invest in Indonesia for the country's development. 

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