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Laying the First Stone of the 12 Floor FIA UB New Building

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Tuesday afternoon (25/8), dozens of invited guests appeared and gathered around the entrance of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB). They were deliberately present to fulfill FIA UB's invitation to the “Laying of the Ground Stone for the Construction of a 12-Floor FIA UB New Building” which is located in the former motorbike parking area which has now been leveled with the ground. Among the invited guests, the Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono, who represented the Chancellor that day, who had other interests. Apart from that, there were also deans from Brawijaya University, professors and members of the FIA UB senate, as well as representatives from the development team consisting of construction contractors, technical teams, supervisory teams, and implementing teams.

Wakil Rektor dan para Dekan berdoa bersama untuk kelancaran pembangunan gedung baru
The Vice Chancellor and the Deans prayed together for the smooth construction of the new building

Dean of FIA UB Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS happily welcomed the arrival of the invited guests. In his opening remarks, the Dean conveyed several details of the construction of the new building, starting from its size to the future function of the new building. The development project which is estimated to be completed in 2017 will function a lot to fulfill academic activities at FIA UB. "We will function this new building primarily as a lecture hall, considering that this year we have several new study programs with quite a large number of enthusiasts. Apart from that, we will also provide a room for a student activity center in this building," said the Dean.

After giving their remarks, the invited guests were invited to go to the location where the first stone was laid for the new 12-floor FIA building. The laying point is located in the middle of the land area that has been dug deeper, so that later the area lower than the ground level can be used for a vehicle parking area which is located on the lowest floor of the new building. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Ir. Kusmartono had the honor to lay the first stone, which was then followed by the Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono. Two former deans of FIA UB, Prof. Suhadak and Prof. Sumartono also had the opportunity to lay the first stone for the new building.

Dekan FIA UB meletakkan batu pertama gedung baru 12 lantai
The Dean of FIA UB laid the first stone of the 12-storey new building

After finishing laying the first stone, the invited guests were invited to go to Building B, 2nd Floor to be friendly with the Dean and members of the FIA UB senate. (ALA/EKA/FIA)

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