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Series of National Essay Competitions and Seminars by the FIA UB Research Study Club with the theme "The Role of Students in Creating Sustainable Solutions through the Local Genius 6.0 Concept"

Malang—On September 9 2023, the Research Study Club of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (RSC FIA UB) held a national seminar as the closing of the GELASI 2023 series. With the theme "The Role of Students in Creating Sustainable Solutions through the Local Genius 6.0 Concept", the FIA Research Study Club UB holds a National Essay Contest and Seminar Festival.

This theme emphasizes the important role of students in building sustainable solutions that can benefit society and the environment. The Local Genius 6.0 concept includes innovative and creative ideas originating from local culture and local wisdom that can be applied throughout the world.

Essay Competition Celebration: Fostering Critical and Innovative Thinking

One part of this event is the Essay Competition, where RSC FIA UB gives students throughout Indonesia the opportunity to convey their ideas about how the Local Genius 6.0 concept can be used to create sustainable solutions in various fields. Participants have the opportunity to further explore their interests and thoughts by competing in various types of essays.

National Seminar: Expanding Knowledge and Sharing Information

Apart from the competition, there is also a National Seminar as the closing of the series featuring expert speakers in their fields. The concept of Local Genius 6.0 in the context of innovation, sustainability and scientific development is discussed in this seminar. Participants gain new ideas and inspiring perspectives. This helps them understand the important role of students in sustainable problem solving.

The Chairman of RSC FIA UB explained the meaning of the theme of this event. The Chairperson stated, “We believe that students have great potential to become agents of positive change in society. With the theme Local Genius 6.0, we want to encourage students to explore and develop their potential in creating relevant and sustainable solutions." It is hoped that holding this event will provide inspiration, insight and a better understanding of the role of students in creating sustainable solutions. It will also celebrate the creativity and potential of young people to make changes for the better.

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