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The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) held a Book Review and Book Discussion in the Hall of Building A, FIA UB, 4th floor. The book review event discussed the book "Investment of the Heart of Eka Wiryastuti" by presenting Eka Wiryastuti, the Regent of Kab. Tabanan, who is also an alumni of FIA UB. This event was attended by a number of regional apparatus organization (OPD) leaders within the Tabanan Regency Government, academics both lecturers and students. This book was reviewed by MR Khairul Muluk. In addition, the book "Various Approaches and Basic Theories of Public Administration" written by Dr. Lely Indah Windarti as Head of Library and Archive Laboratory Unit of FIA UB.

In his remarks, Deputy Dean I of FIA UB Yusri Abdillah revealed the figure of Regent Eka. The Tabanan Regent said he was an open person and had innovation in development, especially in public sector services with wholehearted service and sincerity. "The people are open, have innovations for the development of Tabanan. The core of service in the public sector wholeheartedly," he said.

Eka Wiryastuti is conveying the principle of Heart Investment

At the event, Regent Eka promoted the existence of tourist villages in Tabanan and the government's efforts to empower all villages. One of them is through Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes). Investment of the Heart is a concept of service to the community with sincerity through pro-people policies. How are we sincere in serving the people through government policies so that in the end the degree of society can be elevated. The point is the struggle with the heart. The Spirit of Heart Investment comes from Pancasila, Tri Sakti and Tri Hita Karana. “Investment in the heart also includes political investment, economic and social investment, and religious and cultural investment. He explained that investing in the heart of politics is through policies and programs with a heart/pro-people (the little people)," he said. Economic and social investment by giving birth to a prosperous and independent society as well as actors and beneficiaries of the success of the development itself. While investing in religious and cultural hearts by creating harmony and peace in diversity because peace is what makes progress happen.


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