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FIA UB Holds Halal Bihalal and Inauguration of the Baitul 'Alim Mosque

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The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) held a Halal Bihalal for the Academic Community of FIA UB as well as the Inauguration of the FIA UB Baitul' Alim Mosque, Tuesday (4/7). The activity which was centered in the Hall of Building E floor 1 of FIA UB was seen to be attended by hundreds of FIA UB residents who did not only consist of employees who were still active, but also those who had entered retirement. Also present were the Chancellor of Brawijaya University along with vice-chancellors and several deans from other faculties among the invited guests. Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Malang Drs Sutiaji MM was lined up to give Eid al-Fitr tausiyah on this occasion.

Starting his speech, the Dean of FIA UB Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono MS conveyed his sincere apologies on behalf of the faculty leadership. The Dean realizes that while leading there must be mistakes or deficiencies that are not pleasing to the hearts of the entire academic community. The Dean also said that all the achievements that have been achieved by the faculty are due to the hard work of all FIA UB members. "On behalf of the leadership, I apologize physically and mentally if during our leadership there were things that were not pleasing to the hearts of the entire academic community," said the Dean.

The invited guests shook hands with the faculty leaders and deputy mayor

In addition, the Dean also conveyed several things related to the renovation of the Baitul 'Alim Mosque. According to the Dean, the cost of renovating the mosque did not rely on the state budget at all. All the funds needed are purely met by parties concerned with the development. "There are no renovation funds from the state budget because it has been met from various parties, including BRI, Indonesian Power, also from lecturers, students, education staff, and alumni," concluded the Dean.

Prof. Bambang Supriyono (left) and Prof. Mohammad Bisri (center) signed the inscription of the inauguration of the Baitul 'Alim Mosque witnessed by Sutiaji (right)

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of Universitas Brawijaya Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Bisri MS appreciated the steps taken by FIA UB not to rely on state funds in renovating this prayer room. According to the Chancellor, this step of FIA UB can be imitated by other faculties if they want to build facilities for the public. "I hope that this prayer room can be used as well as possible by the academic community of FIA UB," said the Chancellor.

Sutiaji conveyed his tausiyah

On the other hand, in his speech, Drs Sutiaji MM said that many people are now starting to forget their origins. According to Sutiaji, many people think that they are the only factor for success in all aspects of life by denying the power of Allah Almighty. For this reason, Sutiaji advised that humans must always remember that everything that is happening cannot be separated from the permission and power of Allah SWT alone. "If Avanza is a product of Toyota, then humans are products of Allah SWT. Don't forget Allah SWT in each of our lives, "concluded the man who also serves as Deputy Mayor of Malang.

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