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Link to Student Affairs Activities

To students at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University, the following link is provided regarding submitting correspondence, especially those related to student activities. The links used are as follows: 1. Letter of Speaker / Student Activities Supervisor 2. Certificate of Not Receiving a Scholarship https://s.ub. 3. Student Dispensation Letter 4. Certificate of Not Violating the Law not-breaking-the-laws… Read more

Implementation Schedule for Comprehensive and Judicial Examinations, Even Semester 2023/2024, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University

  The following is the schedule for the implementation of the Comprehensive Examination and Judicial Procession which will be held during the Even Semester of the 2023/2024 Academic Year, at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University. For further information regarding its implementation, you can contact the Academic, Student Affairs, Alumni, Cooperation and Student Entrepreneurship Subdivision or the respective Department.

Academic Transcript Application

The following provides information regarding the link for submitting applications for Academic Transcripts for Undergraduate Program students, Department of Public Administration and Department of Business Administration. The application link is as follows: Department of Public Administration: Department of Business Administration: Make sure you have logged in using your UB student email before charging.


To all students of Class 2016, 2017 and 2018, Library Science Study Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University (PSIP FIA UB). We hope you are in good condition and enthusiastic in completing your studies at PSIP FIA UB. As a step to ensure optimal quality of education and learning experience, we invite you to attend evaluation activities... Read more

Trulyfia SSM FIA UB Wins 2nd Place in Dance Competition

The Trulyfia Team, which is part of the FIA UB Student Art Studio (SSM), won 2nd place in the Dance Competition which was held on March 18 2023 at the Pf University of Surabaya building. To the Public Relations Team, Stage Manager Catur Dini Prihastuti explained how the preparations made before participating in the competition were full of challenges and obstacles, "Preparation makes... Read more

Enrico Aro Represents Indonesia in the UNODC Youth Forum in Austria

Enrico Aro Reva Buulolo, FIA UB student, was the only Indonesian representative who passed to attend the Youth Forum held by The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on March 13-15 2023 in Vienna, Austria. To the Public Relations Team, Enrico told how the struggle and long wait to be elected as the representative. Initially, he… Read more

Brawijaya Culture & Food Festival

Culture is an intellectual property that is owned with the hope that it can be preserved from generation to generation. Efforts to preserve culture for the younger generation continue to be encouraged in various ways such as introduction through digital media, performances, and also academically. One way of preserving this is through performances which are usually held by various parties who have a desire for cultural preservation. … Read more

Circular Letter on Procedures for Writing Final Projects for Students

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The following is conveyed by Circular Letter Number 15991/UN10.F03.01/PP/2021 dated 12 December 2021, concerning Procedures for Writing Final Assignments for Students at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Brawijaya, as follows: All student final assignments must be published in journals scientific journals for students of master and doctoral programs, publication of scientific journals as a graduation requirement follows the regulations published... Read more


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It is informed that all students of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya will immediately take the TOEFL and TI tests as a mandatory requirement for compre and/or graduation exams. In this regard, students from batch 2017, 2018, 2019 and so on MUST take the TOEFL and TI tests when programming thesis. Compre and/or graduation registration MUST include proof of TOEFL test results (certificate) … Read more


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Announced for New Students Class of 2020, that Assignment and List of Attributes of Arsanadi FIA – UB 2020 on Department Day (HARJUR), Saturday, October 24 2020, are as follows: Announcement of List of Attributes of New Students can be downloaded here Announcement of New Student Assignments can be downloaded here Announcement of New Student Essay Writing Mechanisms can be downloaded here. Read more