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Enrico Aro Represents Indonesia in the UNODC Youth Forum in Austria

Enrico Aro Reva Buulolo, FIA UB Student, was the only Indonesian representative who passed to attend the Youth Forum held by The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) on March 13-15 2023 in Vienna, Austria. To the Public Relations Team, Enrico told how the struggle and long wait to be elected as the representative. Initially, he received information from the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) that there would be a selection for this activity in mid-2022. After he sent his CV and other requirements, he was able to pass to the interview stage. After the interview, he had to wait around 1-2 months for the announcement of participants who passed UNODC. "It turned out that I was the only candidate for the Indonesian delegation who passed to become a participant in the Youth Forum organized by UNODC in Vienna," he concluded.

Furthermore, Enrico who currently answers as the Vice President of BEM FIA UB also shared a memorable experience during his activities in Vienna, Austria. "I met with delegates from 28 different countries with different cultures," he said. Although only for a short time, Enrico could feel a very strong family value. Enrico also shared that they had lots of direct discussions with experts in the field of drug prevention. “The discussions we had resulted in a statement from the Youth Forum which will be raised at the UNODC big session which will be held simultaneously with the Youth Forum," he continued.

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