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Post-Holiday Lectures for Idul Fitri 1445 H and Implementation of UTBK Wave I at Brawijaya University Even Semester FY 2023/2024

ANNOUNCEMENT No. 11181/UN10.F03.01/2024 CONCERNING LECTURES POST EID UL FITRI 1445H HOLIDAY AND IMPLEMENTATION OF UTBK WAVE I AT BRAWIJAYA UNIVERSITY EVEN SEMESTER FY 2023/2024 Taking into account input from several related parties, the implementation of lectures after holidays and holidays with Idul Fitri 1445 H (8 – 15 April 2024) we can convey several things as follows: 1. … Read more

Link to Student Affairs Activities

To students at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University, the following link is provided regarding submitting correspondence, especially those related to student activities. The links used are as follows: 1. Letter of Speaker / Student Activities Supervisor 2. Certificate of Not Receiving a Scholarship https://s.ub. 3. Student Dispensation Letter 4. Certificate of Not Violating the Law not-breaking-the-laws… Read more

Announcement of the Implementation of UTS Even for the 2023/2024 Academic Year

Number: 4437/UN10.F03.01/PP/2024 Attachment: – Subject: Announcement of the Implementation of the UTS for Even Academic Year 2023/2024 Dear. 1. Mr/Mrs Course Teaching Lecturer 2. Students from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya. Based on the Academic Calendar of Universitas Brawijaya, the Even Semester lectures for the 2023/2024 Academic Year will be held from 12 February – 21 June 2024 (including the Mid-Semester Examination... Read more

Implementation Schedule for Comprehensive and Judicial Examinations, Even Semester 2023/2024, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University

  The following is the schedule for the implementation of the Comprehensive Examination and Judicial Procession which will be held during the Even Semester of the 2023/2024 Academic Year, at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University. For further information regarding its implementation, you can contact the Academic, Student Affairs, Alumni, Cooperation and Student Entrepreneurship Subdivision or the respective Department.

Academic Transcript Application

The following provides information regarding the link for submitting applications for Academic Transcripts for Undergraduate Program students, Department of Public Administration and Department of Business Administration. The application link is as follows: Department of Public Administration: Department of Business Administration: Make sure you have logged in using your UB student email before charging.

Certificate of Active Study

The following information is presented regarding the application for a Certificate of Active Study for Undergraduate Students at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University. The application requirements are: Active status as a student in the current semester. Complete the form provided in the linked link. Link for Submitting an Active Study Certificate:  

FIAUB Towards a Faculty of Integrity

The leadership of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences is starting to be more serious in managing the Faculty, with the hope that the FIA will have a cleaner administration, better service and strive to be free from corruption. This seriousness was demonstrated through the launch of the Integrity Zone Integrity Pact (ZI) of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University on Monday, October 16 2023 at Singhasari Resort Batu. (zakyfia, … Read more


Following up on many requests to extend the MBKM registration period, we have extended the MBKM registration period until Friday, February 2 2024, at 23.59 WIB. For those who have not completed the required documents, please complete them immediately before the registration period closes. Registration link (ELSA BRIN): Thus conveyed. For your attention and cooperation, we thank you.