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Trulyfia SSM FIA UB Wins 2nd Place in Dance Competition

The Trulyfia Team, which is part of the FIA UB Student Art Studio (SSM), won 2nd place in the Dance Competition which was held on March 18 2023 at the Pf University of Surabaya building.

To the Public Relations Team, Stage Manager Catur Dini Prihastuti explained how the preparations made before participating in the competition were full of challenges and obstacles, "The preparation of make up, costumes and props was carried out for 5 days. During those 5 days there were 2 talents who resigned and only one who still had time to be replaced so that the number of formations that should have been for 7 people had to be changed to 6 people two days before the competition took place," he explained.

As Stage Manager, Catur Dini Prihastuti expressed her happiness when her team won 2nd place. "As a responsible manager I am proud of the achievement of talent with preparation that can be said to be extra intensive," she said. Catur Dini Prihastuti also hopes that the achievements will be able to inspire and motivate other talents in honing their talents in routine training.

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