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Indonesian Young Administrators Meeting 2013

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Temu Administrator MudaFIA UB, Public Relations- , On Sunday, September 22 2013 at 19.00 at building A, Floor 4, FIA UB, the opening of the meeting for Indonesian administrators was held by the faculty leaders. Previously, the head of the Public Administration Department, Dr. Choirul Shaleh, M.Si gave a speech as the person in charge of the event, followed by the opening and inauguration of the event by the Dean of FIA, Mr. Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS.

In his speech, Prof. Bambang emphasized the importance of scientific discourse in the young administrators' meeting this time in addition to the friendship & social discourse that emerged among all event participants, then continued with the introduction of the delegation of activity participants.

The delegation came from 20 universities in Indonesia, including Univ. Diponegoro, Univ. March eleventh, Univ. Parahiyangan, Univ. Yogyakarta State, Univ. Airlangga, Univ. Sriwijaya, Univ. Padjadjaran, Univ. Surabaya, Univ. Raja Ali Haji Maritime, Univ. Negeri Guning Djati, Univ. Sultan Agung Tirtayasa, Univ. Gajamada , Univ. Cendrawasih, Univ. Mulawarman, and not to forget the delegation from Univ. Brawijaya itself. The total number of participants was approximately 90 students. The event continues until September 25 2013.

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