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Lecturer in Business Administration Wins Best Paper in International Seminar

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Lecturers from the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, once again demonstrated their achievements and dedication to scientific development. This time, three lecturers from the department, namely Dr. Kusdi Raharjo, DEA, Edlyn Khurotul Aini, MBA., and Ferina Nurlaily, MBA., won the title of “Best Paper" on the International Seminars and Conferences (ICC) 2014 on Islamic Economics and Beyond for his scientific paper entitledIdentifying the Role of Green Management to Achieve Competitive Advantages in Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)”.

Kusdi Raharjo Memegang Trofi Best Paper
Kusdi Raharjo Holds the Best Paper Trophy

The event organized by the Faculty of Economics, Jakarta State University (UNJ) received and selected more than 120 scientific articles submitted by various authors from all over the world. Of the hundreds of papers, the work written by the three lecturers of the Department of Business Administration was selected as the best written work based on the evaluation of the experts reviewers.

In terms of topic, the scientific work of Kusdi, Edlyn, and Ferina raises the topic green management from a different point of view. Usually, implementation green management discussed more in the context of large-scale companies because of their close relationship with high financing. However, in their writing, Kusdi, Edlyn, and Ferina found application green management in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), especially in batik centers in Bantul and Giriloyo, Special Region of Jogjakarta.

The two batik production centers are capable of producing batik with natural dyes whose ingredients are obtained from plants and trees around their neighborhood. After being used as a batik dye, the waste generated from the production process can be returned to nature in the form of fertilizer. With such an environmentally friendly process, batik centers in the two regions can create a distinct competitive advantage.

Furthermore Kusdi, who also serves as Chair of the Indonesian Association of Business Administration Sciences (AIABI), said that when presenting his scientific work, a participant suggested that the topic be submitted for IPR. This is reasonable because the writings of Kusdi, Edlyn, and Ferina are among the pioneers in discussing environmentally friendly management in the context of SMEs which are usually assumed to be loaded with high financing. (ALA)

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