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The 2017-2021 FIA UB Dean Candidate Screening Stages Begin

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The Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) will soon hold a selection stage for new Deans for the 2017-2021 period. There are seven stages that will be carried out by the Selection and Consideration Committee for Dean Candidates of FIA UB. The initial stage started on April 10 2017 when the committee sent a willingness form to prospective dean candidates who met the requirements. After that, prospective candidates who are willing are asked to submit a willingness form along with other supporting documents on April 17 2017. Furthermore, the committee will determine and officially announce the dean candidates who are entitled to be elected no later than April 21 2017. 

Once determined, the dean candidates are allowed to officially convey their vision and mission at the Campaign Meeting held on April 25 2017. This stage is followed by the selection process, or voting, as well as the submission of the results to the current Dean on April 28 2017. 

Furthermore, in the span of May 3 to May 9 2017, the UB FIA Senate will hold a Senate Consideration Meeting, as stipulated in UB Chancellor Regulation Chapter V Article 5. The results of the meeting must be submitted to UB Chancellor in the second week of May 2017 The new Dean will be appointed by the Chancellor of UB in the middle of 2017. 


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