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Prof Bambang Supriyono Excels in Selection of Candidates for Dean of FIA UB 2017-2021

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The 2017-2021 candidate for dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono MS outperformed three other candidates in the Selection Meeting for Prospective Deans which was held this afternoon, Friday (28/4). Candidate number 2, who is also the incumbent dean, received 88 votes (58%). Meanwhile, another candidate, namely Andy Fefta Wijaya, Ph.D (sequential number 1) received 40 votes (27%), followed by Dr Mochammad Al Musadieq MBA (3) with 16 votes (11%) and Dr Siti Ragil Handayani MSi (4 ) with 3 voices (2%). Meanwhile, there were 3 invalid votes (2%) and 0 abstentions (0%).

Deputy Dean I Dr MR Khairul Muluk MSi exercised his right to vote

Thus, the candidate with the top three votes has the right to advance to the 2nd Stage of the entire selection process for this candidate for dean, namely Senate Consideration of the FIA UB. At this stage, the Senate of FIA UB will determine two main candidates to be proposed to the Chancellor of UB. Furthermore, the Chancellor will determine one name as the Dean of FIA UB for the 2017-2021 period. The new Dean's inauguration will be held before the previous Dean's term ends, namely June 6 2017. 

The number of people entitled to exercise their right to vote is 164 people. They consist of permanent lecturers, representatives of educational staff, and student representatives. However, of these, only 150 people exercised their right to vote. That is, the level of voter turnout is 91%. Among the 150 people, there are 2 lecturers who have to use their voting rights through the e-Voting mechanism because they are on assignment to study abroad. 

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