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Keynote Basics for Mac

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FIA UB, Public Relations. On Thursday, October 31 2013, still in the series of events commemorating the 53rd Anniversary of FIA UB, Keynote basics training based on Mac OS X on the Apple platform was held.

Training held at the Business Studies Center / laboratory Creative Business  Building B, 3rd floor, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, presents lecturers who teach Information Systems Management, Business Department, Drs. Riyadi, M.Si and information technology and visual communication design practitioner, Agung Sucahyo, S.Sn.

Training material includes the basics of using keynote software (the equivalent product on Microsoft is Microsoft Power Point which functions for presentations). Participants seemed enthusiastic about taking part in this training, especially to train their habits in using Mac OS X-based software on the Apple platform, among others keynotebasics,

The event also introduced a variety of software that runs on Apple platforms such as garage band and iPhoto to support the creative business and innovation of FIA UB students in particular. (SP)

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