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The Ministry of Student Empowerment (PM) BEM FIA UB 2022 on 26th February 2023 successfully held the SPEKTA KREASI 4.0 event. This event took place at Graha Cakrawala, Universitas Negeri Malang, Malang, East Java. Not only presenting the local band, but this event also presented quite a lot of well-known musicians from Indonesia, such as HIVI, D’Masiv, Sal Priadi, and Reality Club. The purpose of this event is to provide appreciation and offerings from BEM FIA UB because this event consists of several series of activities, one of the many is to provide a forum for FIA students to excel in national competitions.

President of BEM FIA UB 2022, Findy Rahardian explained that this SPEKTA KREASI 4.0 had been designed and started around 8 months beforehand. Various collaborations with internal and external FIA parties were carryout throughout the preparations to make this event a success.

Meanwhile, according to the Chief Executive, Husain Nasr, this SPEKTA KREASI 4.0 has run smoothly and the enthusiasm of the audience was also extraordinary. It was proven by the guest stars up to the majority of the audience who visibly appreciated it. “From the audience perspective, so far they truly appreciate it and there are no negative comments received” Husain stated.

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