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FIA Student Titled Deputy 1 Indonesian Tourism Ambassador 2018

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The 2018 Indonesian Tourism Ambassador (DWI) leaves a pride for the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). This is because Putu Ayu Devi Oktavianni insisted, a student from the 2016 Public Administration Study Program holds the title of Deputy 1 DWI 2018 which was held in Palangkaraya, November 20-25 2018. In her fight, Devi, as she is affectionately called, competed with 16 provinces from all regions in Indonesia.

As the holder of the 2018 East Java Raki title, Devi was assigned to advance to the next stage, namely the 2018 DWI election. She made preparations with East Java Raka who was none other than her partner at DWI 2018.

“Different from the elections I have participated in before, on DWI, we are judged in pairs. Each partner must support each other and strengthen the opinion of each partner,” he explained.

The beginning of Devi's struggle with her partners began on November 20, where participants from various provinces met for the first time Gala Dinners. The assessment also took place for the DWI 2018 finalist participants. The assessment carried out consisted of attitude when following the material, to liveliness and straightforwardness in the question and answer session.

"On the second day we had a Talent session, which was to showcase the characteristics of each region. There, we, as representatives of East Java, performed the Seblang By Sari Dance from Banyuwangi," added the former Mbakyu Malang City 2017.

Entering the Grand Final stage on November 24, he and his partner managed to advance to the top 5 round side by side with East Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung, Aceh. In the top 5 round, East Java received questions regarding opinions about cheaper travel costs than usual. Entering the big 3 round, there are only East Kalimantan, Bangka Belitung and East Java. At this final stage, Devi and her partner were asked questions again about the innovations that would be given to East Java related to tourism. In the end, East Java became Deputy 1 DWI 2018 thanks to Devi and Partners.

"I had no intention of doing this. Basically, I like a challenge. Initially, I was offered to participate in the selection of a similar event and started nosy. From here I really want to explore my potential and be useful," said Devi

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