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FIA UB New Student Information Center activities

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Today, 30 and 31 August 2014, are days that new students of FIA UB will never forget. Yes, because today they started their first activities as 'students' by participating in the Information Center activities that were heldan by BEM FIA UB.


Even though they have not been officially accepted by the university, for two days the freshmen in turn in platoons are gathered to complete several files and get an explanation of tasks during the PK2MABA procession that will take place later. The files requested by the faculty through BEM are personal data and medical history.

In contrast to the usual new year orientation activities which give strange assignments, the assignments given by seniors from BEM are very simple. Freshmen are only asked to bring a few things that they will use on a daily basis for lecture activities, such as a normal backpack, regular notebooks, regular sized snacks and mineral water, and several individual or group 'name tags'.

After this activity, freshmen will take part in PK2MABA which will begin on September 2, 2014. They will be officially declared as UB students by the Rector of UB, Prof. Muhammad Bisri. (ALA)


(Other photos please visit Facebook Page FIA UB Unofficial)

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