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Administratio Choir Wholesales International Competition Awards in Poland

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Administratio Choir, a choir team from the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB) once again made a proud achievement. Administratio Choir who competed in the International Warsaw Choir Festival competition "Varsovia Cantat 2018" managed to win awards at the event. With a total of 26 people, the team competed in two different categories, including Chamber and Mixed Choir.

"We have been training since mid-November 2017, almost a year of preparation," explained Arfian Pambudi as head of the Administratio Choir team.

The choir team presented several songs in their respective categories, including Salmo 150; Ave Maria, Janger, and Beats of the Soul for the Chamber Song Category. While the Mixed Choir songs include Alleluia, Paris Barantai, Daemon Irrepit callidus, and Exultate Deo.

Thanks to their persistence, the team won awards from all categories, including the 1st Place Chamber Choir Category, 2nd Place Mixed Choir Category, and Best performance of Romuald Twardowski Composition. The International Warsaw Choir Festival Competition "Varsovia Cantat 2018" itself was held in Warsaw, Poland on 17-18 November 2018 with participants from various countries participating.

Administratio Choir Award

“With this, hopefully we can consistently achieve for the FIA. Also, international competitions abroad can be followed every three years to improve the quality of our choirs," Arfian concluded.

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