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UB Chancellor Inaugurates FIA UB's New Canteen

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The new canteen of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) is officially opened for all academics. The inauguration was marked by a friendly meeting with the UB Chancellor and the faculty leaders in UB in the canteen which is located on the 1st floor of Building E FIA UB. On that occasion, the leaders of the biggest PTN in Malang City had the opportunity to taste a variety of culinary offerings in the FIA UB Canteen. 

UB Chancellor Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Bisri (second from the right) accompanied by the Dean of FIA UB Prof Dr Bambang Supriyono MS visited a booth in the FIA UB Canteen

In his speech, UB Rector Prof Dr Ir Mohammad Bisri MS expressed his appreciation for the opening of this canteen. The Chancellor believes that each work unit should be a work unit that "generates" income for the institution, one of which is through the operation of this canteen. "Certainly as a state-owned institution, we are not oriented to as much profit as possible as outside businesses. But at least it is enough to run our organization," explained the Chancellor. 

After the Chancellor's remarks, the invited guests were invited to tour the existing culinary stands while ordering their favorite menu. After ordering, the guests ate the dishes that had been ordered in the banquet room for FIA UB guests. 

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