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Curriculum and RPS Workshop for Bachelor of Business Administration Study Program

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Bachelor of Business Administration Study Program, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB), held a "Curriculum and RPS Workshop" which lasted for two days, Tuesday-Wednesday (11-12/7). This activity was held in the context of finalizing the curriculum and RPS which will soon be implemented for the 2017/2018 school year. In addition to the lecturers at the Business Administration Study Program, this activity also presented representatives from the Indonesian Association of Business Administration (AIABI) to receive input regarding the curriculum and RPS that are being drafted.

Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono (center) gave his opening remarks

In his opening remarks, the Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono MS said that this activity is very important so that the educational process in the Business Administration Study Program can continue to move in a better direction. According to the Dean, the compiled curriculum consists of three elements, namely Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship, And Managerial Functions. The Dean hopes that these three elements can be included in the RPS that is being prepared. "These three elements must be mutually sustainable because the curriculum cannot stand alone," concluded the Dean.

Workshop participants pose for a group photo

Meanwhile, Head of the Business Administration Study Program Dr. Wilopo MAB explained that the curriculum and RPS must be completed immediately so that it can be implemented in the new school year. According to Wilopo, the main challenge in preparing the curriculum is that phenomena in the field are always dynamic, steps need to be taken to adapt to change. "We can't change the curriculum quickly. So we have to find common ground so that the existing curriculum can adapt to short-term changes," said Wilopo.


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