(Spec. Report) Introducing Islamic Culture, Inbound Students Visit Raden Patah UB Mosque

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The Student Inbound Program by Public Administration Study Program is still continuing. Yesterday (27/3), five student participants from Tarlac Agricultural University, Philippines, visited the Raden Patah Mosque complex Universitas Brawijaya (MRP UB). Accompanied by the Head of Study Program, Dr. Hermawan, M.Sc., Aulia Luqman Aziz, M.Pd. Study Program Lecturer, and student companions, they were invited to see firsthand the Muslim Asr prayer procession, starting from the call to prayer until after the prayer. After that, they listened to the explanation from the Head of the UB MRP Center Convert Department Ust. Rohma Rozikin, M.Pd. about Islam and how it influences the life of Indonesian society. Ust. Rohma also invited students to ask questions openly about Islam.


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