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FIA UB’s Tax Centre Socialised the Latest UB’s Employee’s Tax Withholding Evidence

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FIA UB’s Tax Centre Lab held this socialisation called “Socialisation of Tax Deduction Evidence for UB Educators and Education Staff in 2023”. Even though the event was held online, all lectures and students of Universitas Brawijaya was invited. Not only that, Akob Ahmadi as the repsentative for the Regional Office of DJP East Java 3 was also presented.

This event was held in order to provide socialisation to all Universitas Brawijaya’s employees regarding the proof of withholding tax which has changed since UB change its status to “PTNBH” last year. Before the discussion section was held, the activity was started with a presentation by Martha Wartani, S.E., an employee of the Directorate of Accounting, Reporting, and Taxation of UB. Dean of FIA UB, Assoc., Prof. Drs. Andy Fefta Wijaya, MDA., PhD, in his welcoming address said that this event could enlighten all attendees, including himself, regarding the proof of deduction from the income received from UB as, according to the dean, there are still a lot of confusions about it in the air. Therefore, this event truly do held importance so that all parties can understand this new policy. “This event is interactive, so feel free to ask questions directly about the policy,” he concluded.

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