Make Sure to Graduate on Time, Bachelor of Taxation Study Program Invites Psychologists to Motivate Students

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Bachelor of Taxation Study Program held an "Evaluation of final year student studies class 2015-2019". The activity aims to ensure that all batches of Taxation Study Program students graduate on time. In addition to socialization about the graduation period, the activity also presented a team of psychologists to motivate students to complete their studies on time. Among the team of psychologists present was Risa Rachmawati., S.Psi., M.Psi., Psychologist., Taufiq Warnadharma., S.Psi., Nimas Saraswati C., S.Psi., Juli Indrias Moekti., S. Psi., Nugroho Anggoro Kati., S.Psi., and Faradiba Permatahati, S.Psi. After the socialization, students are welcome to consult privately with a team of psychologists to help solve their personal problems which could hinder academic achievement.

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