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Notification from Finance and Personnel Subdivision

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In connection with the current condition of COVID-19, the following is an announcement from the Finance and Personnel subdivision of FIA UB regarding payment services for internship and thesis exams.

  1. Apprentice and Thesis Exam Fees are only for Students who have not UKT (Single Tuition Fee) where these students are: 
    • Independent Entry Student/SPMK Class of 2013 onwards / or
    • All Students Class of 2012 and below.
  2. The Payment Details are as follows:
    • Apprentice exam with a group of 1 – 3 people Rp. 150,000
    • Apprentice exam with a group of 4 people Rp. 200,000
    • Apprentice exam with a group of 5 people Rp. 250,000
    • Student Thesis Examination for Independent Admission/SPMK Class of 2013 and onward Rp. 525,000
    • Thesis Examination for All Students Class of 2012 and below Rp. 425,000
  3. Payments mentioned above are considered valid if addressed to the account Bank BNI:

On behalf of : Rector of Unibraw QQ Penmas Non Utul / FACULTY OF ADM SCIENCES.

Account number : 39649462

  1. Don't forget to include Name And NIM on the payment slip

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