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Not Just a Companion, Brillyanes Sanawiri As a Jury at IBMC 2017

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Brillyanes Sanawiri MBA not only accompanied the departure of the Olride Apps Team to the International Business Model Competition (IBMC) 2017. The FIA UB Business Administration Lecturer was also selected as one of the Judges and Mentors in the competition start-up the world's most prestigious student. As one of the important motors in organizing the ASEAN Espriex Business Model Competition (BMC) held by FIA UB, Brilly, her nickname, received recognition from activists business modelling to help provide material to several groups of IBMC 2017 participants. In addition, the organizers of the IBMC 2017 also made him one of the judges in the top 40 before heading to the semifinals. 

Brillyanes Sanawiri (front, far right) with the other IBMC 2017 judges and mentors

Asked about his impressions of being a judge and mentor at the competition which this year was based in Silicon Valley, California, United States of America, Brilly admitted that he gained a lot of valuable experience and lessons. Brilly was amazed to see how the companies start-up which was founded by students from all over the world are competing to solve various social problems. Part of these teams, continued Brilly, are trying to raise social issues, while others are raising commercial issues, both of which require urgent solutions through an entrepreneurial approach. "Another thing that amazed me about their works is their ability to explore science and technology developments such as Software Engineering, Neuroscience, Health-Tech, Virtual Reality, And Technology Drones in order to build innovative solutions," said the man who also serves as Head of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Laboratory at FIA UB.

Even though the Olride Apps team that she accompanied failed to advance to the Round of 6 or the Finals, Brilly was not discouraged. He considers that the knowledge and experience gained by the students under his guidance is far more valuable than a winning title. “By qualifying for the semi-finals of the competition start-up the most prestigious in the world, this shows that Indonesian students are not inferior in quality to students from other countries," said Brilly firmly.

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