Serving the Community: Archive Management of Sumbersekar Village in the Context of Creating an Archived Village

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The existence of archives today has a very high urgency, because the need for information as evidence is also increasing. However, ironically, the archive management process in the community, especially in village areas, is still relatively poor. If the archive preparation process is not neat or structured, it will have an impact on efforts to recover the data that has been stored. This common but very fatal problem is what makes the service team from PSIP FIA UB carry out the theme of archive management. This service activity was carried out in Sumbersekar Village, Dau District, Malang Regency on Tuesday, 19 October 2021. This service program was of course initiated by PSIP FIA UB lecturers consisting of Mrs. Dr. Farida Nurani, S. Sos., M.Si; Mr Drs. Romula Adiono, M. AP; Aulia Puspaning Galih, S. IIP., MS; and Mr. Nurjati Widodo, S. AP., M. AP. as a form of implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education at the point of service. However, as a characteristic of this study program, it always collaborates, therefore this activity collaborates with a team of Library Science students consisting of Yudha Wahyu Risdiyansah and Khorithul Khayat.

The community service program from the FIA UB Library Science Study Program was attended by 25 people from the Sumbersekar Village community consisting of PKK groups, Karang Taruna, Village Officials and the general public. The aim of the various groups attending was so that all institutions in the village could carry out archiving well, so that the aim of the service program "Creating an Archived Village" could be achieved. The process of implementing this activity begins with an opening from the presenter which is followed by a presentation of material delivered by Mr. Nurjati Widodo, S. AP., M. AP. The material presented includes an introduction to types of archives as an introduction, the legal basis for archive management, classification of archives, and of course organizational archive management which is focused on village institutions. After presenting the material, the session will continue with question and answer activities. In this session, all service participants had high enthusiasm, so that discussions in the field became more lively.

On the sidelines of this service program there was also a valuable moment, namely the process of signing the Memory of Agreement between Sumbersekar Village and FIA UB. This agenda was directly attended by the Dean of FIA UB, Prof. Andi Fefta Wijaya, MDA., Ph.D. hopes that Sumbersekar Village will continue to be a village supported by FIA UB, especially to create conditions for archived villages. The end of the service session this time was carried out with a group photo agenda with the study program leaders, all activity participants, and village officials. Hopefully, through these initial steps, we can continue to create an archived village in the Sumbersekar Village area, Dau District, Malang Regency.

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