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EXPLOSION 2013 National Level Scientific Writing Contest

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FIAUB, Event Committee. On October 19-21 a national scientific writing competition was held. This LKTI is organized by HUMANISTICS (Public Administration Department Student Association) FIA UB. This competition was named EXPLOSION (Exhibition of Public Youth Scientific Writing Competition). This time, LKTI raised the theme "Strategy for Accelerating Bureaucratic Reform". This event is even supported directly by DIKTI and KemenpanRB. EXPLOSION itself has the aims and objectives of fostering dynamic communication between students throughout Indonesia, providing participation and existence for students throughout Indonesia, and improving the skills of students throughout Indonesia in terms of scientific writing. Many students from all over Indonesia registered summaries of their written work in this EXPLOSION event. However, only the top 10 participants were selected who passed to the next stage.


The ten selected universities are:

  1. Malang State University
  2. Universitas Brawijaya
  3. Sebelas Maret State University
  4. Muhammadiyah University of Makassar
  5. Yogyakarta State University
  6. Makassar public university
  7. General Soedirman University
  8. Muhammadiyah University of Malang
  9. Yogyakarta State University
  10. Sriwijaya University

The top 10 selected were present at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Brawijaya University for a presentation in building B, room 501. The participants' presentations and scientific papers were assessed by two judges, namely Dr. Moh. Fadli, SH, M. Hum and Dr. Suryadi, M.Sc.


After participants made their presentations on October 21 2013, participants took part in a series of Panel Discussion events with the theme "Strategies for Accelerating Bureaucratic Reform" which were presented by speakers from the Indonesian Corruption Eradication Committee, the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform, and the Mayor of Batu, Eddy Rumpoko. Then at the end of the panel discussion the three winners of LKTI EXPLOSION were announced. The participants who won the National LKTI were:

First Place: Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, chaired by Diyah Fatwati, with the title "I am Anti-Corruption": Obligatory Greetings for Bureaucratic Actors

Second Place: Brawijaya University, chaired by Mahfud Effendi, with the title UMKM Bureaucratic Reform with Concepts Integrated One Stop Service  through Linkage Channeling Programs Towards the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) 2015

3rd Place: Jenderal Soedirman University, chaired by Atikah with the title E-Service Tourism As One of the Bureaucratic Reform Strategies. (Committee/ Rio)






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