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Indonesian Young Administrators Meeting 2013 (2nd day)

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Widyaloka UB, AdMI Meeting Committee. Implementation of the 2013 AdMI meeting held at Brawijaya University, precisely in the Widyaloka building with details of several events, namely, the cluster 1 presentation which consisted of several universities and started at 9.00 am with an assessment team assessed by Mr. Oscar Radyan S.AP M.AP and Mr. Rendra EkoWismanu S.AP M.AP until 11.45. Then the event continued with ishoma where the midday prayer was held at the mosque on the 5th floor of the rectorate building. For lunch the participants as well as the committee were held again in the widyaloka building.1

The next event was a presentation from cluster 2 which also consisted of several universities which were assessed by the assessment team. The cluster 2 presentation event took place from 13.00 to 14.20. After the presentation, the delegates were directed to take a group photo at the UB rectotat field and continued to pray at the 5th floor of the rectorate mosque. After the delegation took a break, the event was continued with cluster 3 presentations until 17.30. 2

After all the presentations were finished, the delegates were scheduled to have discussions with their respective clusters. This cluster discussion event was held for one hour. The cluster discussion was carried out in a very conducive manner as seen from the delegates who voiced their opinions. This was the highlight of the event on Monday, September 23 2013. After all the activities had been carried out, finally each delegation was escorted to the inn to rest. (AdMI Meeting Committee 2013/onky)

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