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Adjustment of Odd UTS Schedule for 2014/2015 Academic Year

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All Undergraduate Program students are notified as follows:

  1. The updated schedule for the Governance Law (Government Administration Science) and Citizenship (Public Administration Science Study Program) courses can be downloaded here.
  2. Space Error:
    – Creativity and Innovation (Business, F)
    – Development Theory (Government, A)- Restaurant, Bar and Catering Management (Tourism, A)
    Please download here.
  3. Schedule Error:
    – Introduction to Sociology (Government, A)
    – Introduction to Economics (Development, A)
    Please download here.
  4. Space Error:
    – Autonomous Development (Government, E)
    – Introduction to Tax (Taxation, D)
    Please download here.
  5. In connection with the Graduation procession being held on Saturday, 08 November 2014, adjustments have been made to the UTS schedule for that day which can be downloaded here.

Thus, thank you for your attention

FIA UB Academic Subdivision

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