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Opening of the Dean's Cup 2016

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In the framework of the 56th Anniversary, the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya (FIA UB) held the 2016 Dean Cup. A series of activities in the academic, sports and arts fields have been prepared to enliven the Dean Cup which was held for the first time. The branches that were contested included: Band Competition, Dance Competition, Volleyball Competition, Futsal Competition, Badminton Competition, 3 on 3 Basketball Competition, Table Tennis Competition, Singing Competition (Solo Vocal), Tug of War, PKM, and Story Telling.

Dekan memukul gong tanda dimulainya perhelatan Dekan Cup 2016
The Dean hits the gong to mark the start of the 2016 Dean's Cup event accompanied by the Assistant Dean III, the Chief Executive, and the President of BEM FIA UB.

Dean of FIA UB Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, MS in his speech said that FIA UB is a faculty full of talents. It was proven that in the last Brawijaya Olympics, FIA UB managed to win the General Champion. For this reason, the Dean hopes that with this Dean Cup, students' talents can be further honed not only from the academic side, but also from the sports and arts side. "If without the Dean Cup we can win the Brawijaya Olympiad, especially if there is the Dean Cup," said the Dean.

The branches that are contested are open to students, lecturers, and FIA UB educational staff. The Dean Cup will take place from 7 September to 23 September 2016 by taking locations at the FIA UB Page, UB Sport Center, and Champion Tidar Futsal Field.


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Article/Photo: Aulia Luqman Aziz

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