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Guest Lecture on Customs with Head of Customs and Excise Juanda International Airport

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Special Interest in International Business, the FIA UB Business Administration Study Program held a Guest Lecture entitled "Customs Regulations in Export-Import Activities", Friday (24/4). Acting as the main resource person was Iwan Hermawan, Head of the Middle Type Customs and Excise Supervision and Services Office, Juanda Customs, East Java. The event was attended by students from these special interests.

Iwan Hermawan
Iwan Hermawan

According to Iwan Hermawan, the customs and excise office has the task of supervising all flows of goods entering and leaving Indonesia, including alcoholic drinks. Goods that are allowed to enter Indonesia must have an excise stamp. Apart from that, customs and excise can also monitor the place where these goods are sold. For example, based on the policy of the Indonesian Minister of Trade, alcoholic beverages may no longer be sold anywhere. "This type of drink can only be sold in large shops, not minimarkets, and can only be placed in the cashier area," he explained.

Customs and excise, added Iwan, can also provide warnings to shops that do not have permission to sell excisable goods. To these shops, they will ask for the NKKBKC (Excisable Goods Company Identification Number). If it doesn't have one, then the party can recommend to law enforcement officials to impose sanctions on the shop.

The guest lecture activity was opened by the Dean of FIA UB, Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono, while acting as moderator is Supriono, M.AB. (ALA/FIA)

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