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Commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, FIA UB Invites Lecturers from Gaza, Palestine

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FIA UB commemorates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Thursday (11/10). The commemoration was marked by a series of events centered at the Baitul 'Alim FIA UB prayer room. The morning begins with Khotmil Koran or reciting the Koran. Then continued with a Special Tausiyah after the Dhuhur prayer in congregation.

Present as a speaker in the Special Tausiyah was Sheikh Mahmoud Abdalal. The theme presented by this preacher who was born in Gaza, Palestine, was "Love the Prophet, Love the Koran". According to him, the Koran is the most perfect guide to life. This holy book can also be a medicine or solution for all diseases or problems that plague humanity. "Therefore, you must always be close to the Koran, read the Koran every day," he said to the around 150 congregation present.

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