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Festive, Opening Ceremony Espriex Business Model Competition ASEAN 2016

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Gong Espriex is playing again. In this third edition, the event held by the Business Department of FIA UB carries the theme "Espriex Business Model Competition ASEAN 2016". More than 400 teams from various campuses in ASEAN have registered in the initial selection round, and as many as 28 of them have passed to the final round which was held at FIA UB. The finalist team consisted of 3 countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Suasana Opening Ceremony Espriex Business Model Competition ASEAN 2016
Atmosphere of the 2016 ASEAN Espriex Business Model Competition Opening Ceremony

In the Opening Ceremony which was held in the Building Hallg A FIA UB 4th Floor, Dean Prof. Dr. Bambang Supriyono welcomes all participants to FIA UB. In his remarks, the Dean views the important function of this activity because a competitive business model can be an asset in facing globalization. "With the arrival of the ASEAN Economic Community, the concept of this business model can be a good capital in developing the business world in Indonesia," said the Dean.

Meanwhile, Vice Rector I of UB, Prof. Dr. Kusmartono expressed his pride for holding this big activity in UB. The Vice Chancellor considers that the business model is an important medium for providing entrepreneurship education for students. "On behalf of the Chancellor, we would like to thank you for your attendance and congratulations on competing for all finalists," said the Vice Chancellor.

At Espriex 2016, the activity will last for two days. In the final round, the top three teams will be tested by 4 judges from Indonesia and Malaysia and 1 judge from Brigham Young University via teleconference from the United States. The first winner of this activity is entitled to represent ASEAN to participate in the International Business Model Competition which was held in April 2016 at the Microsoft Campus, USA.

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