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UB Hosts 2013 Young Administrator Meeting

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Brawijaya University (UB) hosted the Young Administrators Gathering throughout Indonesia. A total of 84 young administrators from 20 universities participated in this activity. This year's meeting carried the theme of Development Policy Based on Local Excellence.

Chief Executive of Activities Afin Kurnia conveyed toPRASETYA Online This annual meeting was held before 2005. The event moved from one university to another. "This year UB is the host after previously being held at Sriwijaya University. The themes raised are motivated by policy issues originating from outside. "In fact, local potential is also very large and receives little attention," he explained.

Afin also said that this activity was filled with presentations of research results from each university and the results would be presented at a discussion session with Bappenas, BPD and Batu City Government. "The hope is that this meeting will produce policies that are in line with existing local potential. "So we can increase existing advantages," he concluded.

Afin added, this series of Administrative Meeting activities began with an opening ceremony and welcome party on Sunday (22/9), then continued with a presentation and discussion on Monday (23/9). On Tuesday (24/9) a talk show was held with Bappenas, BPD and the Batu City Tourism Office, which was then followed by an Administrator Meeting to determine next year's host. This activity itself ended with a visit and tour to Batu City on Wednesday (24/9).

The organizer is the Association of Public Administration (Humanistics) and Student Executives (EM) with participation from 20 universities including Sunan Gunung Jati University, Ageng Tirtayasa University, Cendrawasih University, Mulawarman University, Udayana University, National University, Dipenogoro University, UB, 11 March University, Yogyakarta State University, Airlangga University, Muh Sinjay University, Sriwijaya University, Padjajaran University, Surabaya State University, Raja Ali Haji Maritime University, Tanjungpura University and Muh Palangkaraya University. [ryan/ronny]

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