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FIA Students Win the title of Kakang Mbakyu Malang City 2018

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The election for Kakang Mbakyu Malang City in 2018 has ended with the pride of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences (FIA) Universitas Brawijaya (UB). This is because Kirana Indah (Public Administration 2016) and Ummar Abdul Aziz (Business Administration 2016) each succeeded in holding the title of Mbakyu Malang City and Deputy I Kakang Malang City. They succeeded in achieving this achievement after eliminating approximately 300 applicants from the initial selection.

As Mbakyu of Malang City, Kirana hopes to be able to carry out the mandate and be responsible in the future. He admitted that he was shocked and did not believe in his clothes now

"But I'm also happy because I can be proud of my surroundings and of course my parents," he explained.

Kakang Mbakyu Malang City 2018

Initially Kirana followed a friend's invitation to take part in the event to gain experience and friendship. During his quarantine process, he got closer to the other participants. Kirana argued that she already considered the finalists as family because in the future she would work with them.

In line with Kirana, Ummar as Deputy I Kakang City of Malang was surprised by his current title.

“Besides that, I want to add a wider range of friends. I also want wider self-actualization," said Ummar

Grand Final

Both Kirana and Ummar, who made it to the top five stage, were presented with different questions by the jury. In obtaining the question, Kirana obtained the Watugong Site as promotional material using English. While Ummar Promoted one of the places inheritance in Malang, namely the Bentul Museum.

With that answer, they made it to the top three.

“When I entered the top 3, I was asked to choose between intelligence or wisdom that would make the world a better place. I answer wisdom because a wise person makes decisions intelligently and thinks about the impact and benefits of his decision for many people," said Kirana.

Further with Ummar who gets different questions. He gets the question of choice between the right thing or the right thing.

"I choose the right things ie do the right thing. Because if we choose the right thing, it must be right. It's different from when we do things right, we can just steal properly,” explained the student who wants to become a diplomat.

Ummar Abdulaziz

Later, the Kakang Mbakyu Malang City 2018 will be assigned to be protocol guests from outside the region. In addition to being a tourism promoter in the city of Malang and empowering people about tourism awareness. For information, the election for Kakang Mbakyu in Malang City was held from the administrative selection stage last September to the grand finale on September 29 2018. Followed by refreshments at one of the recreation areas the next day.

Both Kirana and Ummar have the same goal to fully contribute to advancing Malang City even better

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