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The Story of the Head of Library and Information Sciences FIA UB Gets the Highest GPA for Period III Graduation

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Mariska Duwi Arifin Putri now has a Bachelor of Library Science degree behind her name. This Tulungagung graduate graduated from Universitas Brawijaya (UB) Library and Information Science Study Program in 2014. Mariska, who studied for less than four years, won the highest GPA at graduation period III, October 20 2018, with a score of 3.98.

“The reason I chose this study program is because as a hobby I really like reading. Read anything. I want to study or have a job that can also carry out my hobby," said Mariska.

She explained, Mariska sees that the job prospects of the Library and Information Science Study Program are very broad, considering that every institution must have this field.

“Library science is a very broad science. We study almost all scientific fields. Library science more broadly tends towards information management, not just organizing books," he added. A student in this field is required to be able to manage information professionally, starting from searching, collecting, processing, to repackaging the information in a more attractive form and according to user needs.

"Unfortunately it is still underestimated," he sadly. However, he added, abroad this science is already very busy and growing. This is in line with almost all educational institutions that have study programs or majors, continue to try to create this scientific image. This is due to the important function and scientific linkages with other sciences that are very close.

“While studying in library science, I also learned how to process information, both physically and in form. Learn how to create programs, manage public facilities, manage finances as much as possible, design buildings and furniture, and process library materials themselves," he said.

When asked about the strategy for getting the highest GPA, Mariska gave advice on studying before and after college. According to him, lecturers teach at least he has understood about 25%-50%.

“In the evenings after lectures, I also always read and re-study the material I got from campus. Every night. only in the semester break, sometimes I don't read it anymore,” explained Mariska. The essence of the tips he can give is to pray, try, rely.

Parents, for Mariksa, are the front guard in motivating her life. He always brings the best out of support and for parents.

"Hopefully in the future UB will be even more victorious. The more accomplished, the more successful all the graduates are, and they can always make their alma mater proud. For friends, keep the spirit up! understand your own potential, keep learning, don't forget to pray, and put your trust in all things to God Almighty. Never be satisfied with learning because it is a lifelong process,” he concluded

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