Activities of the Working Lecturer Program (Dokar) Research Collaboration between Business Administration FIA UB and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

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On 24 October 2023, the Business Administration Study Program and Universitas Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) held the Dosen Berkarya (Dokar) activity, an initiative aimed at facing complex challenges in higher education in the era of globalization. These challenges force universities to continue to innovate and collaborate to improve the quality and relevance of education. One approach taken in dealing with the dynamics of rapid change is through cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration.

In this spirit of innovation and collaboration, the Business Administration Study Program and UTM have demonstrated a strong commitment to producing superior graduates and research who are able to answer the demands of industry and society, especially in the fields of business and management. One of the main aspects of this collaboration is between the Business Administration Study Program and the UTM Management Department in the field of research. This collaboration across study programs combines the strengths of each discipline, namely Business Administration and Management, to create a synergy that produces more comprehensive research and more holistic solutions.

In this collaboration, Business Administration brings the principles of efficiency, governance and strong business strategy, while Management brings the concepts of leadership, innovation and effective human resource management. It is believed that this combination of expertise will create research that is more relevant and can be implemented in daily business and management practices.

Working Lecturer Program (Dokar) – Research Fellowship, which is part of this initiative, aims to support lecturers in producing high-quality research that has a significant impact. Through the exchange of knowledge, experience and methodology between lecturers from the Business Administration Study Program and the Management Department, it is hoped that new insights and cross-disciplinary approaches will emerge that can overcome the complexity of today's business and management challenges. This initiative is in line with findings that cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration can produce more innovative and creative solutions.

The Implementation Plan for the Working Lecturer Program (Dokar) – Research Fellowship involves several stages, including planning and implementing research projects, as well as disseminating research results through publications and seminars. This program is not only about research, but is also an opportunity to build professional networks and collaboration between lecturers, students and industry. It is hoped that this initiative will have a long-term impact on the development of business and management in Indonesia and Malaysia, as well as supporting higher education performance indicators related to lecturer activities outside campus.

Working Lecturer Program (Dokar) – Research Fellowship will produce two main outcomes. First, a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) or Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) will be formed between the Business Administration Study Program and the UTM Management Department. This PKS or MoA will be a legal basis that binds both parties to collaborate in exchanging research and knowledge.

Second, program participants will encourage writing articles in reputable international journals with a Scopus Q1/Q2 ranking. Through guidance from a team of mentors, lecturers will compile articles based on collaborative research. The "submitted" status in this journal will reflect the quality and impact of the research conducted, contribute to the development of research literature in the field of business and management and strengthen academic reputation. This initiative is a concrete step in achieving research excellence and sustainable contribution to the development of science and society.

With collaboration and innovation promoted by the Dosen Berkarya (Dokar) – Research Fellowship Program, Universitas Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) plays an active role in facing the complexity of business and management challenges in the era of globalization. This program is a clear example of how cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaboration can bring positive change in higher education and society as a whole.

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